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Why is having a Holocaust Education & Resource Center important?
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The Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center serves to bear witness to the Holocaust and to honor those who perished. We strive to reduce prejudice against all minorities by teaching our community, especially its youth, about the experience of the Jews, and of the suffering of other peoples because of bigotry.

Our facility houses a library, artifacts from the era, an audio-visual collection, and a memorial garden. Materials are available for check-out by teachers, students and group leaders, and our facility is open to the public. Our speakers present to area schools, and survivors of the Holocaust share their personal experiences with students. We also offer workshops for educators.

We are pleased to offer you these lovely notecards (blank inside) with envelopes in packages of 10 for $10 plus $2 for shipping.
Please contact May-Ronny Zeidman, May@BornsteinHolocaustCenter.org
or Paula Olivieri, Paula@BornsteinHolocaustCenter.org
For additional information, or to schedule an event, please call us at 401.453.7860.